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ARGAMAN Spa Consulting is a global firm specializing in creating world class, innovative Spa and guest experiences.

argaman spa is known for its high standards, multi-disciplinary approach, and proven success of exclusive, profitable Spa resorts in Europe and the Middle East.

With 24 years of experience and extended knowledge, argaman spa brings a unique and structured methodology that serves the client, both in delivering high-end results and in wise usage of time and money resources.

We take great pride in our work which we do with passion and love. 
We are hard-working and innovative professionals in the industry. 
We dive into each project as if it is our first and only endeavor. 
We embrace each challenge with great enthusiasm and joy.
We demonstrate our focus on each project by being present on site every step of the way.
We are here to embrace your fantasy!

To get an unrivaled spa we offer our philosophy named THE SPA FLOW:
THE : Team members –  High quality – Experience 
SPA : Story – Profit – Atmosphere
FLOW : Facilities – Layout – Outstanding – Whole

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The argaman spa team works with passion and a positive approach, keeping an open communication channel with the client throughout the process.

Our team is highly educated and experienced, mastering all secrets of the craft.

Guy Nadler, Founder & CEO

Guy is a founding partner with more than 25 years of experience in management roles at top companies in the tourism industry, like Costa Cruises, Chandris Line, The InterContinental Hotel in Tel Aviv, The Set Hotels – The Conservatorium in Amsterdam, Café Royal in London, Dead Sea David Resort and more.

For the past 20 years, Guy has focused on creating the most elegant Spas in the world. The mission always starts with a vision, and is only completed when Guy feels that the team he has trained can fulfill the new Spa’s vision.

Guy is actively involved in building, consulting and managing more than 40 Spas around the world. Today, Guy owns NG Consulting and fourteen Spa resorts, hosting more than 20,000 guests per month.

Guy has a BA in Business and Economy, and also in Hotel Management.

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argaman spa  commitment to each project is well reflected through the top managers' availability and onsite presence, ready at a moment’s notice to help the customer in whichever way they might need. This value has helped build NG’s reputation and helps make an exceptionally delighted customer. 

argaman Spa Consulting strives to consistently recreate the wonderful customer experience and to be amongst the top Spa industry's leaders by continuing to bring innovations to this thousand-year-old profession.

To create an exceptional Spa you need to be visionary, ensuring that your customer experience is flawless, the guest journey is remarkable by creating the right ambience, taking a distinctive approach, incorporating a unique concept and on top of everything – your Spa must be highly profitable.

It is our job and mission to make all of that transpire. We engage in each new project with a clean slate, out-of-the-box thinking and no obligations to any other brands or companies.

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